Coming Summer 2020: new LMB Keto *BREAD* Mix:

“Amazing!”:  I just made hamburger buns with your new bread mix last night and am totally blown away! Having given up gluten years ago this is a complete game changer. I’m telling everyone I know to put orders in. Next up is the cinnamon rolls!
Keep up the great work and I look forward to more recipe posts.
Be safe,

“You have no idea how happy you have made this celiac person!!!:  These are perfect and simply delicious.  I made the bread and it is honestly just amazing.  I then ate all the bread because it’s delicious and made a second one.  I then made blueberry muffins.  Can I buy another three bags, please? -Nancy

“New Love My Buns”:  This is absolutely fantastic, no egg flavour and delicious.  -Brenda

Original LMB Keto BAKING Mix

Love My Buns “Your bun mix is amazing”: I have tried many recipes for gluten free bread, and they were all tasteless/crumbly. Your single serve bun was amazing. Great flavour and great texture. And it came from the microwave, which is not known for producing good baking. Fantastic product. You don’t say on your website where people can buy this, although I know Heather’s Healthy Harvest is the place.
I’d stop here but I can’t get over the flavour and texture…. miles ahead of any other gluten free product.

I read all your recipes on the website. I was very impressed by the emphasis on QUICKLY once the acid has been added. That shows you understand the chemistry of cooking, (…)

I have been one of my sister-in-laws guinea pigs for testing out her different versions of Paleo/Gluten free products for the past couple of years. As I don’t need to eat this way, and can be a bit picky at times, Nicole figured if she could get me to like a bun or bread then she was onto something.
I have to tell you, this new brainstorm of hers to supply the baking mix is just brilliant, we have made a few things from it now and it is the best yet. You can make what you want, in the quantities you want and it will always be fresh. And it’s super easy.
Way to go Nicole, you have a winner here! ~ Steve Busby

love the hamburger buns. I’m so used to gluten free products that fall apart easily and taste like cardboard. I was quite surprised at how great these taste! The texture is moist and they hold together very well. I highly recommend them! ~ Siobhan Sexton

Delicious. The slightest bit sweet, so it tastes a little yeasty, soaks up all the good stuff. Can eat toasted with butter and jelly but they are great with a hamburger,too. If you thought good paleo/gluten free bread was impossible, think again. ~ Sarah Enloe